Monday, August 16, 2010

Today is kind of like my Friday...

Today is my fifth straight day at work, woe is me! I'm kidding, I love my job, but I am looking forward to having a day off. My plan for this morning was to go to spin class at 9:30am but....I ended up sleeping until 11:30. Needless to say, spin class was finished by then. I've been to a few different classes taught by a couple different trainers and I'm really enjoying it. My mom has been to a few with me but I know she's not crazy about them so I don't know how much longer she is going to continue with them.

Well, I went a whole 6 sentences without talking about my trainer Nathan, who I have a crazy crush on (I totally had a dream about him last night but I'm taking the details of it with me to the grave). So, continuing my story from Wednesday, we talked to his manager and got everything squared away. It wasn't actually as big of a deal as I thought it was going to be. I really thought that I was going to have to haggle my heart out and complain but nothing of the sort happened. I get to continue paying my original rate for the next chunk of sessions I bought, but if I buy more again after, I'm going to have to pay the higher rate. I can deal with that. When I was talking to Nathan, he told me that he saw his old manager Mark, the guy that tried to convince me to find a new trainer at my home gym, when he was with a client at my gym and he considered saying something to him along the lines of "I really don't appreciate how you're trying to steal my clients" but he thought better of it, and I'm glad. There is no sense causing drama over such a little thing and he should know that as long as he is a person trainer (and I can afford it), I'll stick with him. He also said that Mark reminds him of a "used car salesman" which totally makes sense to me, and it was that kind of feeling I was getting from him over the phone.

My eating has been getting (mostly) on track the last week and a bit. I was struggling with certain crunchy, salty snacks late at night but I am mastering my impulses and exercising control. Back to chicken and salad for me! Because I am working at the largest mall in British Columbia, it is so convenient to buy dinner at the food court before work. I thought that I was being really good because I was going to Quizno's, which I WRONGLY ASSUMED was on par with Subway. The sandwich was great, of course, but after a few days I thought that I would check online to see the nutrition page and give myself further praise for being a good girl and not going next door to New York Fries. Well, I was in for quite a shock. A medium veggie sandwich was 750 CALORIES!! My jaw hit the floor. I couldn't believe it and I just couldn't figure out where all the calories were coming from! Well, they were from the cheese, the sause and the bread. A whopping 750 calories. I guess I'm going to have to start packing my dinner instead!


  1. First of all, "(I totally had a dream about him last night but I'm taking the details with me to the grave)." completely cracked me up. Now Im picturing your trainer to look like either Jessie Pavelka or Alcide from True Blood. Take your pic.

    Quiznos is evil. Over here in the U.S., I remember it was a big deal for awhile because they flat out refused to dislose their nutrition menu. I wonder what they are hiding?

    Its still delicious though but definitely get a small sammich.

  2. I use to work in a mall is tough. I commend you for having the willpower! Stay away from the food court, bring lunch, and eat on a bench in front of stores you love...and people watch for your break.


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