Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's all in the Jeans

So, a couple of you may remember a post I made several months ago about my favorite pair of jeans. They were a gray, size 18, "Sweetheart" cut from Old Navy that I bought last September before school started and over the course of the following months, the months I refer to as my "yoga pant phase" in which I exclusively wore yoga/exercise stretchy pants (even though there was no exercise going on), I managed to put on 10-20 pounds without even being aware of doing so. One day I put on these Sweetheart jeans and they no longer fit. To say the least, I was devastated but once I started losing weight again, I pulled them out of the closet and they fit. I was so happy I balled like a child. They didn't fit perfectly and I had some muffin top going on, but I could do them up. Previously, there was a good 3-5 inch gap and even laying back on my bed, they would not even budge over my mondo hips.

The picture of the momentous occasion
I got a new pair of jeans recently , size 18, in a dark wash called "The Flirt" from Old Navy again (I really love Old Navy jeans, they are the only kind that I don't wear holes in the inner thigh) and I really love them, but the waist was too big when I bought them and the thighs had a bit of room to them, but I loved the cut and the colour and they were super comfy so I bought them anyways. Now, after I wear them a while, they  stretch out like jeans do and if I were not wearing a belt, they would slide right down my butt!

I went out today and bought a new pair of jeans in the same colour and same style, except in a 16. I tried them on in the dressing room and...hold your breath...

They didn't fit. BUT they didn't fit by only about an inch to two inches and they were comfortable through the leg and thigh, they were just a bit small in the waist. And I bought them. I know that they WILL fit me soon. My eating has been way better than it was a few weeks ago and I am fitting in my workouts better, too!

I am making a goal for myself, and goals are something that I rarely set, let alone give a time line too, but here we go. I'm announcing it to the world and you can help keep me accountable! My goal is to have these jeans fit me by September 18 2010. I'm going to hang these jeans up on my closet door where I can see them everyday and try them on occasionally to keep track of my progress.

What am I going to do to reach my goal?
  • No junk food in the house! As long as I don't see it, I don't want it but it's difficult because there are 4 other people in my house to bring it in! But I won't go looking for it.
  • I will regulate my sleep schedule by deciding on a bed time and setting an alarm for the morning. I wanted to go to a spin class this morning before work but because I was up too late last night, I slept in and missed it!
  • I will give it my all in my workouts with Nathan and push myself in cardio!
  • And finally, the holy grail of weight loss success: I will track my food intake. I've been really really bad about this for the past...2 months. I was in the habit and then I just fell out of it, but tonight I'm going to buy myself a brand-spanking-new food journal and hopefully it will encourage me to keep better track.
I'm opening it up to you all, an unofficial jean challenge. Do you have a pair of jeans sitting in your closet that you are dying to get into again? Are you between sizes and really want to to get down into the size you want? Try them on, see how far you have to go (but don't forget how far you've already come!) and take a picture. God knows, it may not be pretty right now but use it as a reference. If you do, leave me a comment and let me know about it! I want to know how it goes for you!

Much love~

PS: Today I even bought skinny jeans. Like, really cute, black, tight skinny jeans. Again, very comfortable, I bought them in an 18 because they are super low rise and they would sit at a wider area of my hips and I'm sure they are more cotton/spandex than denim and they will probably shrink when I wash them! Another monumental occasion!


  1. Hey, so I found a hella cool website that will help with the calorie count and such. I discovered it last night when I downloaded the Blackberry app from them (free btw) check it out! you might like it!

  2. Oh! I've got a big box of clothes from the last time I got into 14s ... I think I need to pull it out later and see how close any of them are to fitting! I'll let you know!!!

  3. Wooo!! Way to go! Thats the best feeling in the world when you go somewhere, try on a smaller size and just know it's going to fit soon. You're amazing!

  4. I have several pairs of 18's that I am "oh-so-close" to fitting into, but there is ONE pair that I LOVE. I was so upset when they became too small. SO, I'll take your challenge that they will fit by the END of September. I'll try them on when I get home to make sure that is realistic! haha


  5. oh yes, I have about 8 pairs of jeans, all around a size 12 (I was working at a jean store a few years ago part time) that are sitting there beckoning for me!!

  6. So I'm totally going to go to Old Navy and try on jeans. I've been searching for a new pair of jeans, and can't seem to find any that fit! My size 14's are locked away in a closet, but not too long and I'll need to pull them out. Thanks for posting this! I feel some shopping coming on...


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