Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another week, another weigh in

Wednesday weigh in day! Here we go:

Last week: 224.8 lbs
This week: 222.1 lbs
Difference: -2.7 lbs
Activity Mins: 240 mins (240 quality mins)

Body fat last week: 39.9%
Body fat this week: 39.7%
Difference: -0.2%

Overall, not a bad week. I'm still recovering from getting home from vacation and getting back into the swing of things. I started going to a spin class at my gym and I went twice last week. I really enjoyed it, more than I though I would. I worked up a good sweat and pushed my limits.

It was my birthday yesterday and I was really depressed all day. I don't like thinking about how I'm getting older for a few reasons. I was in an alright mood in the morning and then I went and worked out with my trainer Nathan in the early afternoon, and I really enjoyed seeing him. The new gym that he is working at is HUGE. The women's change room is as big as the weight room at my gym! It's a really nice, new gym, but the layout is a little strange. Anyways, I did my work out with him but at the end of it, he told me that there was some kind of change happening with the prices for personal training. He had told me this before when we were at my gym before he was transferred but he said that he would continue to do it for the price that I was originally paying. Well I think that his new manager has an issue with that, but Nathan and I are going to have a meeting with his manager on Thursday to discuss the prices and stuff and figure out what is going to work. Again, I was in an alright mood until I got home and told my mom about all this and we ended up having an argument about money and then my grandmother, who lives with us, told me that she doesn't want me driving her car to work any more for no other reason than "because". If she had given me a proper reason, I would have been fine with it, but her "because I said so" just grates on my nerves.

To make the training thing even more of an issue, my dad has started working with a rehabilitation trainer to work on his back and his knees at my gym. Well, without knowing the whole story about what is happening with Nathan and I, my dad mentioned to his trainer that he was worried that this new manager at Nathan's new gym was trying to take advantage of me and was going to get me to pay more, and that Nathan was involved in this and had told me that I HAD to follow him to his new gym. Well, his trainer, Sarah, told her manager, who called me and said that if I wanted to find a new trainer at my original gym, that he would set up as many free consultations I needed in order to find a new trainer AND he would honor my old rate, regardless of which trainer I chose in the end. He even offered to train me himself, and I think his rate is twice what I was paying with Nathan. The whole conversation felt off to me and I got a really strange vibe from him. I felt like he was trying to manipulate me and play up my dad's confusion over the situation by telling me that my dad was "really concerned" about me travelling out of my way to stay with Nathan. I pretty much just wanted out of this conversation because I don't totally know what is happening with Nathan in regards to pricing, that is what the meeting with his new manager tomorrow is going to establish as I have to purchase more sessions next week if I want to continue working with a trainer. I sent Nathan a text message to tell him what was happening because I assumed that he would want to know that his old boss was trying to get me back at Delta with a new trainer.

Me: Your old boss called me about finding a different trainer with them in Delta. I thought it was odd and that you might want to know.
Nathan: Alright thanks.
**Here I'm assuming he called his old manager because I got this next a few minutes later**
Nathan: Apparently is was just to make sure you knew that was an option and that I wasn't forcing you to come [to Langely]
Me: Yeah he said that, my dad mentioned to Sarah that "Lanley jacked up the prices on me" but my dad didn't know the whole story.
Nathan: Weird. You know that isn't the case though.
Me: Yeah I know. I told Mark, you and I were talking to your manager Thursday. Today has been a f*cking gong show since I got home.
Nathan: Lol crazy.
Me: Ergh, not in a good way :S
Nathan: No it doesn't sound that way. Lol sorry for the confusion.
Me: No worries, it's not your fault.
Nathan: Everything is always my fault, ask my woman.
Me: Ha, well if you're so keen to take the dad just practically stuck his foot in his mouth.
Nathan: Lol
Me: But I told [your old manager] that I didn't know the full details about pricing and I would find out Thursday, & if I changed my mind I'd let him know.
Nathan: Alright, either way we'll get you set up Thursday.
Me: Sounds good, but just so you know, I'm not likely to change my mind. The drive wasn't too bad :P
Nathan: I'm not worried.

Do I realise that I may not be staying with Nathan for the right reasons? Absolutely, but does that mean that Nathan is not a good trainer? We work well together and he knows me and how I work out. He knows that I'm going to bitch and complain, but in the end, I'll do it, and he knows how to push me. But at the same time, he understands my limits and what I can accomplish. At least now that I know how keen the Delta club is to have me back, I can use that when I talk to the Langley manager when we talk prices.


  1. Great week! Great loss! Keep it up girl!!

  2. So? Do you get to keep Nathan!?!?!!? lol. I just found your blog this AM and have spent the last 2 hours catching up on your journey thus far. I (re) started my weight loss plan again on friday after seeing some pictures that were a REAL eye opener. Im excited because we are the same age and at about the same weight. It will be really nice (and very helpful) to have someone to help motivate me. <3 keep up the good work!


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