Wednesday, August 4, 2010

100th Post!

So much to say in this post! For starters, it is my 100th post since I started this blog! Hooray! I am back from vacation now and I'm having difficulty shaking the lazy feeling that accompanies you when you spend a week sleeping in and hanging out reading on a beach. I'm just so very hard-done-by, I know, but please don't feel too sorry for me.

It is Wednesday which means it is weigh in day. The week I was away, I didn't eat too much, but everything I ate had little to no nutritional benefit. We rented a cottage and bought our own food but there wasn't a whole lot of green stuff. It may have been easier on me if we were going out for lunches and dinners and whatnot at restaurants because then I could have ordered healthy things that I wanted or felt like having for dinner. I few times I though to myself, "Hey, I feel like a spinach salad with some tuna. Oh but wait, there is no spinach or tuna...I guess I'll chow down on some cheese and crackers."

Last weigh in: 219.9 lbs (July 21st)
This week: 224.8 lbs
Difference: +4.9 lbs
Exercise: 120 mins (60 quality mins)

Body fat: 39.9%

Funny thing is, when I stand I often put my hands on my hips and I could feel that my waist was smaller so I didn't think that I had gained THAT much. I anticipated a few pounds, 2 or 3, but not almost 5 pounds in a week. My mom and I were talking last night and she said that she gained 4 lbs and she weighs about 155 lbs or so. I weighed myself when we got home on Saturday, and I weighed 226.7 or so and I'm glad to see that the number is going down more now that I am home. Also, Sunday night I got my period (which I was not expecting) so I'm a little bloated from that too and I think that at least a little of the weight I gained is water from all the sodium and processed things that I ate last week. I have a million excuses!

Getting back into the swing of normal life, I went and worked out with my trainer Nathan yesterday. How I missed him! Unfortunately, right off the bat he says to me, "So I have some news." The first thing that I can think is that he got another job. His carreer ambition is to be a police officer actually, but he told me months ago that he doesn't apply for that until April or so. Then he tells me that he is being transfered to another Fitness World, 30-40 mins away. He had applied to share his time between my current gym and the one out there, because he lives an hour away from my location and this other location is going to be easier and faster for him to get to, but they fully transferred him out there. When he told me that he was going to working at another location I just about cried, but I held it together. So my options are to follow him out there and train there with him twice a week like I would be at my current gym, find a new trainer, or use my final 3 work outs with Nathan and not continue with personal training. I don't really want to find a new trainer because I work well with Nathan and I like that he knows me, what I'm capable of, where I started with him and he knows how hard to push me. I can't really see continuing with training if it's not with him so I guess that means that I'm going to be making the drive out. He is going to be at my location until the end of the week and starting Monday he will be out at the other location full-time. I'll be working out with him again on Thursday this week and then hopefully Tuesday, depending on my schedule, I'll drive out and see him again. Tuesday is actually my birthday and he said that he'll do a free session with me as a birthday gift from him and because I am going to be following him out there.

I've been kind of lacking in the exercise department as of late, even before I went away, but last night my mom and dad both signed up at my gym! Hopefully that gives me a kick start to go more often with them as motivation. I'm really proud of my dad for doing this, even if he is only doing it for my mom. He has never been a gym member for as long as I have been alive and he is about 260 lbs. As a bonus for me, because I referred two people, I get 6 months free and the girl who signed up my parents gave us all 3 months of spin classes for free. I've seen them doing spin and I thought that it looked *fun* and I've wanted to try it but I knew that it was extra and I just hadn't gotten around to talking to one of the membership reps about it because they do give out free trials. 3 months of spinning is $99+tax and if I end up really liking it, I may spend the money to do it. Have any of you tried spinning? Did you like it?

Until next time, have a great rest of the week!


  1. You would surprised how much of that is will continue in the right direction, I am sure!

  2. There is just no possible way to gain that much FAT in a week. Flush your system out with lots and lots of extra water and I'm sure you'll see it gone next week.

  3. Is having a personal trainer helpful? I'm just starting to get into the swing of a gym, and I have no idea how to use half the machines, or if I'm even doing it right. If he's good then you're smart to follow him to wherever he is.

  4. I recently found your blog, and am loving catching up on your journey! Thanks for the inspiration! I gave you a blog award!


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