Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weigh In #11 and Weighing In...

Where has the time gone my lovelies? Week 11 already with only 5 weeks left! I've met some fabulous new bloggers in this time and I love each and every one of them!

Last week: 219.0 lbs
This week: 219.9 lbs
Difference: +0.9 lbs
Exercise: 130 mins

A gain, as to be expected. I'm not going to dwell on it, I did some stupid things this past week (food wise) and I haven't been getting in the time at the gym like I would have liked.

Now brace yourselves, I did something on Sunday that NO WOMAN should ever have to do. None of us look forward to it. In fact, it is probably the easiest way to dock 10 points of your self-esteem in less than 5 seconds. I'm sure even the skinny ladies aren't a fan of this, let alone me, weighing in at almost 220 lbs! That's right, it's that time of the year....

Swimsuit shopping

So because I'm going down to Oregon for a week to enjoy the beaches and summer sun (knock on wood for nice weather!), I thought that I should go down and get a swimsuit, as I don't own swimming bottoms. As a personal challenge to myself, I wanted to try and find bikini bottoms, not board shorts or those skirt-y things. In a manner of speaking, I succeeded and found myself a pair that fit but it was shockingly difficult! You would think that because it is the middle of July that there would be LOTS of swimming stuff around. WRONG! All the department stores are now prepping for the fall and all the bathing suits have been moved to clearance and can now only be found in horrible patterns and XS sizes. I went to Wal-Mart and found nothing. Sears and The Bay, nothing. SwimCo had nothing that interested me for less than $200. A few things crossed my mind in the dressing rooms:
  • Am I supposed to look like a beached whale?
  • Oh, God! What is that bright white thing that reflects all light? Oh, it's the back of my thigh.
  • If it's uncomfortable around your knees, don't force it any further. The result will NOT be attractive.
  • I'm going to slaughter the person that said "One more drink won't hurt" last weekend.
  • I wonder why burqas never caught on as beachwear?
  • Somewhere, a fashion designer is laughing at all the poor souls who though they could pull off this cut.
 I finally found something at this store called Aqua, the swimwear branch of La Vie en Rose, and dropped $60. I followed the "rules". Dark bottoms with a bright colour/print top to draw the eye away up and away from the hips. Here is what I came up with:

And if I get REAL DARING, there is this option too. I bought the top two summers ago:


  1. Hey you look great!!! Love the heart one, I need a swimsuit too....eeeek!!!

  2. I have to wear a bathing suit 4x a week for my water exercises and I found a cute skirted bottom at target so I bought 3 of them! lol All that they had I bought! Those mirrors are MEAN in those BRIGHT dressing rooms arent they? lol YOu did a great job choosing! :)

  3. You look fan-frickin-tabulous! I love the first bathing suit but you totally rock the 2nd one too. Mamas got curves!! Good job and congrats on your progress so far :) IMO maintaining isn't gaining and therefore progress.

  4. that's a super cute tankini!!!! and 60 dollars isn't bad. (i've learned if you aren't willing to shell out some bucks for a suit you're going to have it fall apart pretty quickly!) but have a great trip! :)

  5. oooh I like the heart one a lot!!

  6. I love them both!!! Have fun at the beach. Wish I were there too.

  7. I definitely hope you get daring - love the second one but I have to say the hearts one is just too cute!! :)

  8. You crack me up!! Loved this: "If it's uncomfortable around your knees, don't force it any further. The result will NOT be attractive"

    Tankini is super cute!


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