Sunday, July 4, 2010

So that was something I never did before...

I went out last night with one of my new co-workers and a bunch of her friends (this isn't the thing that I hadn't done before, but my brother was surprised that I made a new friend so quickly) and we went out to this club in Vancouver. I spend the afternoon before this shopping for some new clothes to wear and I bought a short jean skirt from Old Navy and a top from Addition Elle. I have been to clubs before, but I had never been to this one so I didn't really know what to expect or what the scene was going to be like.

About 12 or so of us showed up around 11pm and there was a band just finishing their set, but we came to see this DJ who started close to midnight. Well, most of us got split up, I tried to stay with someone that I knew because I didn't want to be dancing on my own and I was drunk as a skunk. So there I was on the dance floor with one of the girls that I just met and we were having a pretty good time, (and this is the thing that has NEVER happened to me before) and guys actually came up and started dancing with us. It was practicially surreal to me. I danced with one guy for a while and then went and got another drink and when I got back on the floor with a few other people that I had just met, there was another guy that started dancing with me! And he was actually pretty cute (I think, but I'm not sure, everything was a bit hazy and the club was dark). But here I am, in totally uncharted territory and I don't know how to act and after the other girls that I was with went somewhere else, I went off in search of my friend from work and she was in the back corner totally making out with this guy who was wearing a touque of all things in July, in a hot and sweaty dance club!

I went back out on to the dance floor and found the first guy that was dancing with me and we started dancing together again, but then wouldn't you know it, we started, like, kissing and making out. I haven't said one word to this guy, we were just dancing, I don't even know his name, and we were all making out and such. I don't even know what compelled me to kiss him back. When I'm drinking, I feel more or less in control of my decisions, everything is just blurry and my balance is a little off. I knew that it was a stupid idea and totally out of character for me, but I did it anyways. The whole night, really, was a new experience. I've never had random guys pay any attention to me, but I had guys tell me that I'm hot and I had guys want to be close to me. Most of them were very likely inhibriated in some variety and in varying degrees, but I've never really felt like that in a public setting. I'm still trying to sort through all these new feelings and thoughts, it's a little overwhelming.


  1. HELL YEAH!!! Woo hoo!! Mia is gettin' some action! Hot momma! :) Awesome. If I'm ever in Vancouver, I'm going out dancing with you. :D

  2. I remember going to clubs and drunkenly making out with randoms. Those were the

    I haven't been out dancing for years. I guess that makes me old :)


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