Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm Such a Sugar Doll

A few days ago, the marvelous Karen over at Muffin Fixation gave me the Sugar Doll Award. The conditions of accepting the award are as follows:

  1. Link back to the person that gave you the award in your post.
  2. Come up with 10 things that people don't know about you and post them.
  3. Pass the award on to three fellow bloggers.
Because I'm really bad at coming up with randoms things about me that I haven't already said in posts prior to this, I asked you, my lovely followers, to send me emails asking me questions about anything and everything. I really want to thank the 3 people that sent me an email, you had some good questions! (If you replied on my Facebook page, I can't check it right now as I'm at work and my boss has blocked Facebook on the router and I can't check it right now. When I check it later, I will update this post to reflect any questions I got there)

So here we go, 10 things about me.

1. Fat Girl vs. World wants to know how I do my eyebrows because they are "fantastic". I get my eyebrows threaded at a little East Indian place near my house for $3. It's a great deal and they do a pretty good job. I used to have them waxed, and I really think that waxing hurts less, but I would four times as much and threading is actually better for your skin, because the wax will pull at the skin and you can gradually lose the elasticity. So, I get my eyebrows threaded but I pluck the strays in between sessions.

2. Another reader wanted to know what my favorite pair of shoes is right now. I really have to go with my classic Converse's, but in purple. I wear them everywhere, from going out the mall and even to work, but when I exercise I have a pair of New Balance runners with light purple and silver accents that are super comfortable and great to work out in.

3. Aylilth sent me a great question and she wants to know what is my favorite guilty pleasure music, genres that are so bad, they're good, or bands that have a ridiculously catchy song (The way I understand the question is if I told someone that I actually like this stuff they would say "Are you being serious or is this your idea of a joke where I don't get the punch line?"). I have to go with Men at Work, Miley Cyrus (Can't be Tamed, Party in the USA), Boney M, Switch by Will Smith, Fergie à la London Bridge, and Mika (I REALLY love Mika). Some people don't understand why I'm so in love with Michael Bublé either because I'm covered in tattoos and piercings, they would assume I'd rather be at a metal show, but I really don't like metal. I can appreciate rock bands like Nirvana and ACDC too but even then, I'd rather listen to other things.

Those are all the questions I have received so I did come up with a few things that I hadn't shared before and here they are:

4. If I look at something, and I can't figure out how it works, I deem it too difficult and I lose my patience with it. I hate reading manuals so I would much rather figure it out by looking at it. This works with most cell phones, microwaves, and computer programs.

5. When I was in grade 7, the boy I had a crush on played the guitar and so I decided that I was going to learn how to play. I got the guitar that my late grandfather owned, an ancient 12 string, and taught myself how to play with a guitar book and a chord chart.

6. I've coloured my hair a bunch of different colours when I was younger. From about the time I was 14-18 I've had pink, blue, purple, green and red hair in varying shades.

7. I have a dog named Mulder (as in Fox Mulder from the X-Files, my dad was a huge fan) and he is 10 years old. He's a beagle-lab cross and such a suck up. When he wants something, he whines at me and it can be anything from he wants the toilet flushed (not there is anything IN there, he just wants fresh water) so he can drink out of it, or he'll whine at his dish if he's eaten all the food in it because he knows that he'll get more then. After dinner every night, he follows my mom around the house because he knows that it's time for his walk and when she makes lunch for my dad at night, he comes upstairs to watch and mooch for some lunch meat.

8. I also have several 3 fish, just little ones, and two snails in my 15 gallon tank. The snails are super cute. I bought by first snail probably a year ago and the next day she laid eggs. And I mean like over 100. I sold a bunch of them and gave them to my friends two have tanks and I have two left right now. They are bright yellow.

9. Next summer I want to take a cruise to Hawaii, because I want to start traveling more and by then I'll be 21.

10. When I get my tax refund cheque in the mail, I'm going to get a new piercing! I haven't decided what I want to get done yet, but I think that I may get my tongue or my tongue web done....decisions, decisions.

Alright, there you have it! I managed to get out 10 things! Now to pass on the award.

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Aylilth @ Making my way to a better me

Lisa Jones @ Jones's Weightloss Journey


  1. Endless feedback loop!!
    Thank you for my award hon -- already got one and answered the questions...
    I don't think I Could come up with another list of 10 things.

    I will say about hawaii -- just fly there, don't cruise there. Find a beach, and relax!

  2. Heya! Letting you know the check-in for Week 5 of Summer Slimmin' is at my blog due to Z having computer issues:

    Happy week to you!

  3. Great stuff! and congrats on the award! I was just popping over to tell you..I left you a blog award on my blog! LOL


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