Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why I Do This Here

This will be on Jack Sh*t's blog but I thought I would post it for you guys and gals first :)


  1. Why do I do it is an awesome question. I think it forces me to be a bit more accountable, focused on what it is exactly that I'm doing, and of course because I am an ego maniac and it's all about me.

    Being healthy is important. I struggle with the looks thing. I wonder if the newer me is the same me as the bigger me and I guess it isn't to some extent.

    Then there is the question is why some people can't appreciate people at any weight. Maybe it sounds silly but I want people to appreciate me for my soul, humor, wit... I guess body falls in there someplace too.

    It's really a deep question. Thanks for the post.

    At the Foolsfitness gym we have very few mirrors and of those most look into the soul.- Alan

  2. Hon, good luck with that! I think the difference isn't how much you weigh or not, but how you carry yourself... a la Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman.


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