Monday, June 21, 2010

OMG Did I Really Eat That?!

Here is what my weekend looked like:

Saturday: Working at 8am, didn't really get a chance to pack a breakfast so I went out to Tim Horton's and got a breakfast sandwich, yogurt, and a large steeped tea, 2 milk 2 sugar. Came home around 1pm and totally forgot that Sunday was Father's Day until my mom asked me what I was getting my dad....what, just because I'm almost 20 means I have to start buying him stuff on special occasions?? WTF... I then waited for my brother to get home from camping to ask him what he wanted to get for my dad. My dad LOVES margaritas and Jimmy Buffet so being the legal-aged sibling, I went out to the liquor store and bought a 2-6 of Jose Cuervo and while I'm on the topic: why is the tequila the most-freaking-expensive liquor out there???

My parents and I were going out to an Australian-Rules Football (Footy) fundraiser as my mom is the league's treasurer. Footy is a bit like rugby but very popular down under and in Vancouver, there is footy league which is one of only a handful across Canada. There are boys and girls of all ages that play, even an adult league, and they go to Australia once a year and play against some teams down there. This was a fundraiser to send the U-18 boys to Australia. It is a 19+ event and because I am on the hunt for a new boy toy, I had to get myself ready. My eyebrows looked like a flippin' forest so I went to the little East Indian place around the corner and got my eyebrows threaded and then got my my gel nails filled because they were seriously grown out. All of this was wasted as I was the youngest person at this fundraiser by at least a decade. It was mostly the parents of the kids who have played footy.

So with all of this running around and getting ready, I managed to pretty much forget about eating or drinking my water for most of the day. After my crap-tacular breakfast in the morning, I don't think that I ate again until 6pm or so when I had roast chicken, potato salad and caesar salad. It was a long span of not eating but because I was busy and not thinking about it, I wasn't hungry at all. I ate again later at the dance but I had 2 slices of pizza around 11pm, after two coolers and a screwdriver.

Sunday: Father's Day. I woke up around 8:30, thankfully hang-over free. There was a World of Warcraft thing going on online at 10am that I was getting ready for so I didn't eat breakfast until noon or so. Again, a very long time of being awake without eating and then what did I have for breakfast? Eggs benedict. Not really the epitome of healthy eating. My parents, brother and I then went down to see my Grampa and visit with him for awhile and my Nana served date squars with creamy tea. Dinner was very tasty but alright for healthy stuff. We had veggie and chicken kabobs which were great and we also had lobster for the first time ever at home! It was more entertaining to watch us try and get the meat out than anything, but of course, there was also melted butter to go with it. I had some but then I just felt sick after and I'm still not feeling all that great. I did go for a walk in the evening with the dog but on the exercise front, nothing really good since Thursday.

Today, I'm working in a Vancouver office answering phones and I won't be off until 5pm and home around 6:30pm. I would really like to go to the gym and do some cardio, so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that I get there by 7. I'm also going to start seeing my trainer, Nathan, twice a week from now on, instead of just once a week. I can't find it in me to do weights on my own so maybe if I can start getting back in the habit of doing it, I'll be able to keep it up. My goals for this week are as follows:
  • Drink my 8 cups of water a day. (I read in the paper this morning that to find out how much water you need in a day, take your weight in pounds, divide it in half and then that number is the number of ounces your body needs of water in a day. 111 oz seems like a LOT)
  • Get back to jounalling my food. I have gotten away from the that in the past week and I really need to get that back on track.
  • Exercise. Period.
I'm not setting a goal weight lose this week because my time of the month is being a little crazy right now. All the anticiapation (bloating, soreness, crabbiness) with none of the...well you know, so I have no clue about what my weight is doing right now.

One final word, I wanted to share a blog with you all, her name is Nadeen Boman and she is a nutrition specialist from Vancouver. She works with Tommy Europe, a personal trainer and former CFL player, on two Canadian weight loss shows, Bulging Brides and The Last 10 Pounds. She hasn't updated it in a while but I just found it, and she has lots of tips and advice for men and women trying to lose weight. Check it out here.


  1. Sounds like you had a bit of a manic weekend! You've got some good goals in place though, so just focus on those for now. If you can keep on track with other things the scale should take care of itself.

  2. AFL :) LOL... didn't know Canadians played it! My husband is a Bombers fan, I'm a Brisbane Lions fan, though they both suck this year :(

    Personal trainer - awesome! I'm impressed by your consistent results too. Keep up the good work!


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