Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LHA Weigh In

As swamped as I have been the last week, I have not forgotten about my LHA weigh in today. I jumped on the scale this morning before I ran off to work.

Last week: 224.4 lbs
This week: 222.5 lbs
Difference: -1.9 lbs
Exercise: 330 mins

So I lost the weight that I had gained last week! I was getting worried because I weighed myself on Saturday or Sunday and I was up to over 225 lbs so it must have been water, but it did scare me. I don't normally do weigh in's when it is not my weigh in day but this week has been super busy and I haven't tracked any of my food like I meant to (I think my journal hid under the bed, I have to find it). Quick run down of my hellish week thus far:

Friday: Wasn't too bad. I worked at Curves in the evening but it was stressful because my boss wanted to close the club July 3rd because she didn't think that anyone would be coming in. I work 9 hours a week at Curves and when she closes on Saturdays, I lose 5 hours. If she had a real reason to close, like a stat (the Canada day stat is Thursday, so we are closed that day already), I would understand but all the ladies that came in couldn't understand why she was closing. I know why; it's so she can save like $55, but she doesn't see that if she keeps closing on weekends to save a few bucks, she is going to lose members, costing her thousands of dollars over the course of the year and chasing away potential clients that want a gym with better business hours.

Saturday: Worked at Curves in the morning 8am-1pm. Sped home to give my 90 lbs beagle/lab dog who HATES water a bath because he seriously stunk. Hopped in the shower, did my hair and make-up then drove out to Richmond to volunteer for the roller derby!! Very exciting. I sold tickets at the door so it was easy and I got in for free, not to mention the free snacks and pizza after the bouts. I got home around 11pm then crashed into bed, missing the after party downtown which I would have love to been at.

Sunday: Started my job at Culture Craze in Burnaby! WOOHOO! I love my new job. I worked from 10:45am to 3pm, then I drove home and went to the gym until 6pm or so.

Monday: Working at my reception job in Vancouver. I worked from 9am to 5pm and then I drove home, flipping off several drivers in the process as I crawled over over the freeway and bridges. Once I got home, I ate dinner quickly and then went to the gym to see Nathan at 7pm to 8pm. We did weights and I still can't lift my arms for too long. I did some mild cardio after to walk off the stifness in my legs so I was home around 9pm again. Exhausted, I fell into bed.

Tuesday: Worked with my mom doing invoicing and filing at her job from 8:30am to 2pm then I had to race over to Burnaby again, getting stuck behind slow cars and red lights, to get to Culture Craze for 3pm. I worked there until 9:15pm and I got home around 10ish again.

Today: More work with my mom at 8:30am. I left at 2 and I got a quick breather before I start at Culture Craze again tonight from 4pm to 9:15pm. I get to work with the boss-man tonight, so I hope it goes well and he doesn't change his mind about hiring me because I love working there too much!

Hopefully with tomorrow being Canada day, I get to sleep in a bit before I have to clean my tornado wrecked room and go see Nathan again at 4pm!

I hope you're all having a good weigh in day, I don't have the time to check out my competitors' blogs just yet but I hope it all goes well for you!


  1. Congrats on the loss. Good grief you really have been busy. I don't know how in the world you're keeping up with everything and where you have to be. I'd be exhausted! Stay strong!


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