Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How Rewarding

Before I really get in to this post, can I just say, "Oh my mother freaking GOSH! It's June already!" I don't even know where the time went. It feels like I just started this weight loss thing but it's been 6 months! Time to start getting those shorts (gulp), tank tops (gasp) and swimsuits (I think a part of me just died there) ready for some sun exposure. I'm not really ready for all of that yet. Hopefully I have another week or two left before the sun starts shining. I can't believe I just wished for two more weeks of rain and cloudy weather, but there you have it!

I have definitely let myself slack off as of late in regards to my exercise attempts. Normally, I really like exercise. I love the feeling that I have accomplished something and that I was productive. Lately, I've felt really tired and I just want to lay in bed and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sunday night, someone in my house (I have a feeling it was my Dad) decided that because we haven't had Chinese food in a long time we were going to order in dinner. I'm sure lots of you know what is in American-style** Chinese food, or maybe it would be more apt to say that many of us DON'T know what is in Chinese food (My mom and I sat and looked a this one vegetable that was in with our food and had the shape of a sliced tomato with funny holes and it was white with the texture of a water chestnut, but way too big). A lot of restaurants use MSG in their cooking and it often has a lot of sodium and oil. Unfortunately, my better judgement didn't speak up louder and I ate that for dinner. What really sucked about it was that it wasn't even very good. We ordered from somewhere different this last time and I didn't care for it at all. Now, I can't shake this tired and bloated feeling I've had since then. Before I started eating better, I wouldn't have even noticed that I felt this way because I way so out of touch with my body and I was always tired. I know that eating food that isn't good for does this to me, but I ate it anyways. I made my choices and no one is perfect 100% of the time. Eventually, I'm going to be in situations that I can't control and I have to learn how to deal with them accordingly. I just wish that the Chinese food tasted better, then this may have been a better trade.

**(I say American style because I've been to China and have eaten Chinese food exclusively for 2 weeks straight. I never ate the kind of food that they serve here in China, although I also recognize that there are different regions that serve up varying styles of cuisine and I travelled mostly on the western coast region. Regardless, the two are very different.)**

The rewarding part of this post, as per the title, was not meant to be ironic as I told you all about the Chinese food. I did have another purpose for this post but when I start writing, I tend to break off into tangents. Anyways, back on track to what I wanted to talk about. Because I had recently set some goals for myself I thought that it would only be fitting that I set some rewards for myself as well, some long term, others hopefully a little more short term. These rewards are for when I hit a certain weight and total weight loss.

*220 lbs, -18 lbs lost*
Biggest Loser Cookbook

I made this my first reward because it would really help me get further and (cross my fingers) it should be coming up pretty soon

*198 lbs, -40 lbs lost*
New Jeans

Onderland! I picked 198 instead of 199 because it would make for an even 40 lbs loss and it puts me a bit more solidly into the 190's. By then I'm going to need a new pair of jeans but I'm going to get nice jeans. Not Wal-Mart jeans. Nice jeans that I can buy in a normal store.

*188 lbs, -50 lbs lost*
A Ring

When I was doing Weight Watchers and attending meetings, our group leader had a ring that she bought for herself when she had lost so much weight. And I love shiny things. 50 lbs will be a big milestone for me and hopefully I will be able to celebrate by getting a new ring to remind myself of what I can accomplish.

*175 lbs, -63 lbs lost*
A New Outfit

Something pretty.

*160 lbs, -78 lbs lost*

Or stilletto boots, depending on the season.

*150 lbs, -88lbs*

I've never had a massage before and maybe by the time I get to 150 lbs, I'll have had one. It sounds like a nice realzing reward all the same.

*138 lbs, -100 lbs lost*
Butterfly Tattoo

I love girly tattoos and what better (or more cliché) than a butterfly tattoo when I lose 100 lbs? I would love it to go on my outer thigh, about 3/4 of the way up.

*130 lbs, -108 lbs lost, Goal Weight!*
New Wardrobe

I'm going to need a whole new wardrobe by this time and what better way to celebrate than to get rid of my fat clothes and get skinny clothes?

What are your goals and rewards? Do you have any timeline associated with them or they will happen when they happen? I hope that everyone is having a great Tuesday and now all this talk of rewards has me a little psyched! I'm going to the gym!


  1. Being from Canada and moving to Australia I know exactly what you mean by "American Chinese" food. The Chinese take away here is completely different as well.

    I mean Egg Rolls here are non-existent. Tho I did miss them at 1st, along with Chop Suey. lol

  2. You're going to need a new wardrobe well before you hit the 130s. You better start planning cause you are ON YOUR WAY.

  3. I love/hate that lazy feeling lol. We are at the same weight I believe, though. I tend to fluctuate between 238-236. How tall are you? This is fun, I never have anyone at my starting weight. My goal is 38 before Christmas. I wanna have a very merry weigh in lol :)

    I cannot WAIT to get new wardrobe!!

  4. I burned my fat clothes...literally.
    I took them out back and lit them on fire after I shrank out of them.
    Now I give the size I just got out of away.
    Burn your bridges..literally or figuratively. It matters not.
    Keep up the great work.


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