Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Awards and Weigh Ins and Facebook, OH MY!

Oh em GEE! I have so much stuff to talk about in this post I had to take notes to remember it all, but even then, I think that I forgot something.

First off, today is My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge weigh in day. Here are the numbers:

Last week: 223.5 lbs
This week: 222.8 lbs
Difference: -0.7 lbs
Minutes of activity: 395 mins (6 hours and 35 mins)

Not as much activity as I would have liked but I just wasn't feeling into it this week at the gym and all things considered, I'm happy that I lost weight this week. I didn't make my original goal of getting down to 220 this week to score my first reward (Biggest Loser Cookbook), but I reached my amended goal of weighing less than I did last week! I thought that I would be losing weight faster than I am. Looking around the blogs, I see lots of people dropping more weight per week while working out (as far as I can tell from their descriptions) less. Granted, my eating this week wasn't perfect, but even on my best eating weeks I see little gratification on the scale and in my clothes. I've been working hard but it's proving to be very difficult for me to lose weight. Being over 220 lbs and almost 20 years old, I have to lose weight eventually with all the exercise and healthy eating. I don't really think that it would possible for me to stay at this weight while working towards being healthy. I know that the scale only tells part of the story but I can only be a certain degree of healthy at 220 lbs. I just have to remember to be patient, I'm not going to give up.

Secondly, I got my very first award thanks to Lisa, a wonderful lady and a fellow LHA challenge participant, @ "Can I buy another vowel? Going from Fat to Fit!" I'm very pleased to be recieving this award and I would love to thank all the little people (read: future skinnies) for reading my blog. When I first started blogging and saw that I had followers, I was dumbfounded that people were actually reading what I wrote and when I started getting comments, I was overjoyed. It makes my day that someone took the time to comment on something that I wrote, it means the world to me! The conditions for this award are as follows:

  • Pass the award on to 7 other beautiful bloggers
  • Reveal 7 things about myself that I have not previously mentioned
Those conditions will be met in another post, hopefully later tonight, so stayed tuned for that!

Thirdly, I started a Facebook page for my blog, [238] and Shrinking. I was going to link it to my personal Facebook page but as a "public figure" page I can link it to my Twitter account, @MiaY238, and update both of my statuses at the same time. Check it out, the badge is on the right hand side of my posts.

Plan for the day:
  • Eat well
  • Go see Nathan at 2pm, I saw him yesterday briefly and said "Hi" and he complained about being sore from his chest work out (hold on while I pry my mind out of the gutter concerning Nathan's chest). I had no sympathy for him and said "Oh, you poor thing". He smiled and said "Just wait, I'm going to make you cry tomorrow" to which I replied "Good, I look forward to it."
  • Post my award recipient blog
  • Cross my fingers and hope for a call that tells me I got a job (I rocked both of my job interviews yesterday. I'm hoping for one more than the other; even though I would make less money, it would something I enjoy more and less stressful)
Good luck to everyone weighing in or working out today!


  1. Congrats on the loss and the award. Rock it Sister!

  2. Congrats on the blog award! I love the new look of your blog BTW, it's very light and happy....just pretty :) Don't be discouraged by the scale not cooperating. You're putting in the work in the gym and with the diet. It will all come together. You did have a loss this week - it's better than the alternative! Good luck with the job!

  3. Remember that exercise builds muscle which helps you maintain your losses, even if they seem frustratingly slow! Keep up the healthy choices! ♥


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