Friday, May 14, 2010

What if?

I was watching week 17 of The Biggest Loser today on the computer because I missed it on Tuesday. They were down to the final 5 contestants and their challenge involved them carrying the weight that they had lost over the 16 previous weeks and hauling it up mounds of sand. Some of them had to move 100+ pounds around they got stuck, sinking further into the sand as they tried to climb this big hill. This was oddly familiar to me as I had just written a blog post about a 10 lbs medicine ball  and hauling that around in my work out. Granted, they were moving 10 times more weight than I was, but the concept is the same. What really hit me about this episode was that each participant watched a short movie about their time on the ranch with either Bob or Jillian. While watching Ashley's footage, it flashed back to a moment in either week 1 or week 2 when she and her mother, Sherry, were talking about the Biggest Loser gym:

Ashley: What if I go in there, and I can't do it?
Sherry: But what if you go in there, and you can?

I was just floored. I kind of remember her saying this before, but it really hit me more this time around. I cry a lot when I watch Biggest Loser because it hits so close to home and I develop feelings for each of the contestants (some more than others). I love Ashley, and now with Sunshine out of the final 4, I really want her to win it. Even if she doesn't, she's going to look fantastic! She already does.
So, what if I go full steam ahead and I can do it? I haven't really completed any goal of mine in my life. Not when it has come to my health and fitness. I think that that is why I am reluctant to set goals for myself, because I'm not sure that I can make them. If I make a goal for my weight loss, there is the possibility that I will fail at it. I'm more comfortable just doing it. Not telling myself that I have to lose 20 lbs by the end of the month, but knowing that I will get there eventually.

Nathan says that I have to start changing my lifestyle: eating healthier, committing to coming in to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, and then later I can work on setting weight loss goals for myself. That makes sense. I have to build the foundation of my "pyramid", so to speak, before I can climb it. But baby, when I'm climbing, look out!


  1. Girlfriend, I must spend half of Biggest Loser bawlin' my eyes out!!! I LOVE MICHAEL! He lives here in Chicago and I hope there might be a way I could meet him. I would love to just give that guy a big hug, he is working harder than maybe anyone on the show ever has! And he's been discouraged which is CRAZY but damn this losing weight shit is FUCKING HARD! I think he's going to win it.

    I have had a long road myself and I got through it but just DOING IT as you say yourself. Keep at it, focus on the process and let yourself get engrossed in that. You CAN feel success day by day by simply keeping at it! Let the time go by and one day the change will just HIT YOU and you will take yourself by surprise!

    Keep at it.... Dagny

  2. Man you sound just like me. I have always avoided setting any goals because I was too afraid that I would miss the mark and then be so depressed, so I just did not set any goals. I figured like you said, that I could just do it and get there anyway. Well, I never did get there.

    This time around I am setting goals. It is a leap and yes very scary but guess what? So far I have reached my goals and even exceeded them at times! The feeling is so impowering. I do not know what it is about setting the goal but it really does motivate and help you get further along than you could imagine.

    Just try it. Set yourself a goal, even a small one. You do not have to be superwoman here, just set a realistic goal and go for it. Once you reach that goal then set another and keep working at it. If for some reason or another you do not meet your goal it is not the end of the world. Just don't give up, stand up and brush yourself off and try again. I know easier said than done, but do me a favor and just give it a shot?!

    On The Biggest Loser Ashley is my all time favorite. I just love her to death. I like Michael too and Daris but there is just something about Ashley that I relate to. And I cry when watching the episodes too. They really get to me and make me think and reflect on my own weight. The show is what has continued to keep me going.

    Good luck and I can't wait to see you knock out some goals!


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