Sunday, May 16, 2010

Say "Hello" to My Old Friend

I want to introduce you all to an old friend of mine today. This is her:

These are my size 18 "The Sweetheart" jeans that I bought from Old Navy in September of 2009. I LOVED them. These were my go-to jeans when I was going out, or going to school. Whatever I was doing, I was doing it in these jeans. Well then for a while I went through my "all exercise pants, all the time" phase and one day, on the way out to Wal-mart, all my exercise pants were in the wash. I had to put on something, so I reached for my handy grey jeans...

(Hold your breath for dramatic pause, even though I know that most of you can see this coming)

They didn't fit. I had to lay on my back on my bed to do them up, but even then it felt like I was working against gravity, or that there were two super magnets on each side that were repelling each other and it took so much effort to get them to button. When I stood up and looked in the mirror I had a a huge muffin top. There was at least 2-3 inches of STUFF on each side of my hips and stomach that hung over the edge.

I was so depressed because I hadn't really even felt the extra weight creep up on me. I was so out of tune with my body (as I have been most of my life) that I didn't notice that I was gaining weight. Did I know that I wasn't eating healthy and no making good lifestyle choices? Absolutely, but I couldn't notice it before when I gained 5 or 10 lbs. Hell, I still don't notice when I gain or lose weight. Sometimes I can see it or feel it when I put my hands on my hips, but my body doesn't feel different day to day in how it operates.

Well since me and my ex broke up, I was cleaning out my closet and all my clothing drawers: filtering through what he had left, what I didn't want anymore and was donating, and what didn't fit. I was looking at my jeans because there are a lot of jeans in my closet that don't fit anymore but I keep them in hopes that they will again. I just can't bear to get rid of them. I had only recently said to my mom that I need new jeans as the 21's that I got at Wal-Mart were getting too big, even when they had just come out of the dryer. This is how it happened...

I saw my favourite jeans in the back of my closet.
I hesitated.
The little voice in the back of my head said "Should I? I know that I've lost inches, but have I lost that much?"
Ah, what the hell? I do need new jeans.
Looking at them, the voice says, "Ya know, those do look a little small..."
But then........


They fit! No arguments with my clothes, no crazy sweating work out trying to get into them, they comfortably fit, I'm even sitting at my computer typing this while wearing them! At least my hard work is paying off somewhere! Just after I got them on and looked in the mirror, I started crying. It just feels so good to wear them again, and I love how my hips look now in ratio to my waist. I have a 39" waist but my hip measurements have a difference of over 10". I would love to be able to accentuate my smaller waist but it just makes my hips look even bigger.

 I hope that a lot of you, my followers, have felt like this in your weight loss journeys, that all the blood, sweat and tears that you gave are paying off for you!


  1. awwwwwww! I know those are very happy tears!
    If I was there right now I'd grab your hands and jump up and down with you screaming. lol
    What a great victory!
    Work those jeans, Girl!

  2. You look hot! I don't think your hips look too big at all. You are looking really good.

    I have had that feeling and is it so good isn't it? Just think before you know it those jeans are going to be way too big!!

  3. Work it girl!!!!

    I hope 1 day soon my day will come.

  4. YAY!!!! i'm hoarding soooo many jeans in my closet that i hope to be able to wear again someday... i hope i have the motivation and ambition to get where you are today!! get down wit your bad self!!

  5. Hooray for jeans that fit! I have a special spot in the floor where I dump all the jeans that I can't get my big butt into. I'm waiting for that TADAA moment when I can pull them out. Thank you for sharing this victory! Have a great day.

  6. Oh Congratulations!!! I can relate to exactly where you have been. I just donated most of my "maybe i'll fit back into those someday again" jeans to charity because I had lost hope. I still have 3 pairs that i'm holding out and working towards. Congratulations on reaching this milestone and getting your cute butt back into yours! What an amazing accomplishment :)


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