Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18th should be as harmless as May 19th

Today started off good, until I realised what day it was. Today is May 18th. If me and Ian were still together, it would have been our 5 year anniversary today and I almost managed to escape that fact. We broke up about a week ago. I started balling my eyes out for the first time since we broke up, full on can't breathe, heaving, and the front of my shirt is soaking. And then I got a little more stupid and picked today as the best day to return some more of his stuff. And while I was there, he told me "Happy Anniversary". That didn't help the hysterics any.

I'm really nervous about the LHA weigh in tomorrow. I've been feeling really bloated and sluggish for the last couple days, almost a week, and today I found out why. It's that time. So tomorrow I have to weigh in after spending the week stressed out, not having really worked out, and at the very beginning of my period. YAAyyyy....

My Food Journal for May 18th
  • 1 cup Kashi Lean Crunch ceral
  • 3/4 cup Organic skim milk
  • 1/2 banana
  • 12 almonds
  • 1 1/2 cups spinach
  • 1 tbsp veggie hummus
  • 4 oz chicken
  • 1/2 whole wheat pita
  • Cherry Larabar
  • 1 cup mocha protein drink from Bolthouse Farms


  1. Sweetie I am so sorry you had a very emotional and rough day. I have been there so I know exactly how you feel. When my first love and I broke up I did not cry at all for a very, very long time. I think it does help to finally get a good cry out.

    The one thing that I wish I would have done back then was cut off all ties right away. We ended up going back and forth for years and I really do regret that. I think that I wasted a lot of time and invested way too much into a bad situation.

    If the weigh in does not go good today do not let it get you down. We all have bad weeks and the important thing is not to let it get the best of you and to dust yourself off and hit the ground running.

    Your food for the day looks fabulous and sounds very yummy. Oh, and then on top of it is that time so that sure didn't help matters. Hang in there.


  2. Awww hugs chickie.

    Break ups are always so bad. And the period thing isn't going to help you either right now.

    Chin up things do get better

  3. So sorry for the stress. Sounds like a difficult time all around. Period by itself sucks some serious ass but having to deal with the breakup emotions on top of it, ouch.

    We can't be strong and powering on every moment of our lives. We need down times too. Take care of yourself.

  4. And, "that time" is probably what contributed to your emotions as well, for sure!

    Sorry that you're still feeling so emotional about that 5 years later. Hope you can find some peace.

  5. God, if I'm still crying over a man 5 years later someone shoot me and put me out of my misery! For clairification, I meant that me and him only broke up about a week ago, a week shy of our 5 year anniversary.


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