Saturday, May 29, 2010

Did the Bandwagon Leave Without Me?

Here is what is going on:
  • I don't really know how I'm feeling this week about anything, weight loss related or otherwise. 
  • I feel so tired. 
  • I haven't even really had it in me to blog because I don't even know what to say. 
  • I need to get myself re-focused.
  • I need a plan.
  • I want to feel better about myself.
  • I want to get these issues that are holding me back sorted out.
I'm going to set some goals for myself, just to try it out. FYI, I'm not crazy about setting goals. I don't find that setting goals for myself really helps me because if I don't meet it, I'm only letting myself down and I can live with that. I know that I should be the most important person and that letting myself down should be a bigger deal, but it's just not. But, I'm going to try it out and see how it goes. I need to make myself a priority and make getting into shape the most important thing for me right now.

Here are my goals:
  • Next week: I want to lose at least ONE pound by Wednesday to put myself at <225.7 lbs for the LHA weigh in
  • For the 16th of June: (3 weigh ins away)
    • I will weigh 220.0 lbs
    • I will work out at least 5 days a week for 1.5-2 hours
    • I will focus on my food intake and eat healthy foods that fuel my body to do what it needs to do.
    • I will remember to celebrate the small victories and remember the improvements I've made to my overall health.
I think that I can do this.


  1. I have only one suggestion and it's very heartfelt ...
    take the projected number on the scale off the table.

    The goals you have of working out and eating well are more accurate measurements of your success.
    That damn number on a scale cannot be forced and not meeting the number in a projected amount of time has ruined many a person's day/attitude/self-esteem/diet plan etc.

    Also ... 1.5 -2 hours of exercise to start off with is way to much (IMHO of course). It wouldn't mean you're a failure if you start off with 30 -45 min 5 x a week and work up to this goal (if ever)
    You will burn your poor mind out at the thought of that much working out by the end of the week.
    Take it from me ... start slow and work up to longer periods. I'm an impatient person and I want results NOW but it hasn't ever served me well to begin too much too fast.

    Please take this in the spirit of wanting to help not hinder, encourage not discourage your efforts, OK?
    I just want to see you succeed and don't want you to make the same mistakes I've made over and over.

  2. I'm gonna agree with everything Fitcetera said. You just can't control the number on the scale. As far as exercising 1.5-2 hours a day, I find that a daunting goal indeed. Most fit people do not exercise that much, ever. What's the point of being fit if you don't have a life to go with it. If you spend that much time working out how do you find time for a life. I work towards 30 minutes/day and if I find I can do more then that's just bonus time.

    Sometimes, we have to do things for ourselves even if we don't feel like it. Ever been too tired to brush your teeth or take a shower but you did it anyway because you knew you had too. Sometimes the fit life has to be the same way. Do you because you know you need to.

  3. Setting goals should be part of your total inspiration. I usually set weekly goals- literally- day by day I set my "Goal fitness activity" for that specific day and I plan my meals ahead of time- that doesnt mean I meet them all ALL the time but its nice to look back at my week and say "Hey I did 6 out of 10 things this week!" its a good feeling!" Take your journey week by week day by day and you will notice change. Sometime you will feel so inspired you will forget you're tired and go for that 1.5 hr workout :) KIT Goodluck!!! check out my 80\20 rule on my blog :)


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