Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy and Slightly Defeated

Yesterday was so busy driving all around and going to appointments, work and then ending up at the gym at 9pm. Today I just want to relax but I know that I still have stuff to do. This morning, I am going to Wal-Mart to buy some new exercise clothes. I need new pants because my other pairs all have holes in the inner thigh, or in the butt seam, and a pair has both sets of holes. I would also like to find a nice work-out shirt too and a new sport bra. Next, I'm going to S.B.G. to use said exercize gear and work up a good sweat. Then when I get home, I'm going to be taking my dog out for a good walk and get ready for the evening because an all new episode of Glee is on and Biggest Loser! My two favorite shows and now they are on at the same time on the same day. Thankfully, I have a satellite dish that gets the Eastern channels so I can watch one of them 3 hours early.

My weight is really bugging me because I'll think that I'm making progress and that my eating is on track and I'm working hard, but my weight keeps creeping back up and it's not like my body fat percentage is not really dropping either. I'm going to my cousin's wedding on May long weekend and I'm going to be seeing family that I don't normally see and some that I haven't seen in a year or so, I would like to look like I have made significant progress to meeting my goal. When Nathan asked me a short term goal that I would like to make for myself, I said that I would like to be around 210 lbs for this wedding and I'm no where close to that. Today my weight was at 229.9 lbs and it keeps going up, even though I'm not stuffing my face with crap and I'm really working out hard when I go to the gym. I just wish that I knew why. I think that it may have something to do with my period because I'm starting to feel really bloated. At least now I'm more in tune with my body and what it wants. Before I couldn't really tell if I felt bloated because from all the sodium and junk food I was eating, I always felt bloated.

All is not lost. I will continue working on it, I have to succeed eventually right?


  1. I love getting exercise clothes at Walmart. It's inexpensive enough that you don't feel too guilty for getting a couple things.

  2. It WILL happen. You have the right attitude and the dedication (going to the gym at 9PM), Stick with it and those pounds will come off, Emilia.

  3. Kyra, Walmart is the sh*t! I ended up getting 3 new dresses, 3 pairs of sandals, a pair of exercise capris and a new sports bra. I love it!

    Weighting Around, thank you for your support! I stepped on the scale this morning and I got some good news that I will post in a few minutes or so! More importantly, I like that I'm feeling better with myself and more intune to what my body wants and needs, that is definetly a big plus for me.


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