Thursday, April 29, 2010


That is what I say on the scale this morning staring back at me and I was totally incredulous. I actually stepped on the scale a second time because I was 100% positive that it was wrong. It just couldn't be right. It couldn't be, but there it was flashing at me, 225.9 lbs. It just came as such a shock to me because Tuesday was a bit of a low point as I wasn't really losing any weight.

Not only am I happy that I'm losing weight again, it also makes me feel like I'm more in touch with my body. It was very likely water weight, but for the last few days I have felt really bloated and today I feel less bloated. For me, learning what my body needs is more important in the long run because it is going to set me up for long term success.

I saw Nathan, my personal trainer, yesterday too and we did cardio conditioning again. There was another trainer with us as well, she was shadowing him because it was a slow day or something, but half-way through she went to do something else but I didn't mind. I didn't know her story and skinny people intimidate me (LOL)! My glutes and my hamstrings are hurting today because a lot of what we did was leg exercises with mucho up/down movements. Whenever I got to stop for a drink and try to stop my eyes from popping out of my skull due to an intense heart rate, he would bring me my water bottle and even pop the cap open for me. Now who's training who! At one point he told me to finish off the little water I had left in my bottle and he would go fill it up for me. I tried to finish it in two drinks but on the second sip, I took too much and then had to cover my mouth with my hand to stop myself from becoming a water fountain all over the floor. And then he just laughed at me. I don't blame him, it was pretty funny.

Today's plan is walking. I'm going to take the dog out for a walk and then walk up a few blocks and meet a friend for lunch and then go over to Fitness World, do some cardio, and then walk home. I live pretty close to the gym, it only takes me 10-15 minutes (15 if I walk at a turtle pace) to walk there. And on the very happy plus side, my last final exam is tonight at 7pm in Vancouver. Hurray!! Hope everyone has a fantastic day and that things go your way!

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