Friday, March 26, 2010

Skinny Bitch Gym

My original plan for this post was to complain about how tired and sore I am, but the more I dwell on that, the worse it will get! So instead of that, I'll tell you all a bit about my new gym, Steve Nash Fitness World, or as I will otherwise call it "Skinny Bitch Gym" (SBG).

There are a few sections to the gym, there is the cardio area with a baj-illion treadmills, bikes, and elipticals. There is a women's only section that has a few pieces of cardio, a weight rack, and cable equipment. In the back of the cardio area there is another section that mainly has weight equipment (where all the manly men ahng out) and behind the women's area there is a room where they do special classes (yoga, ab attack, karate, etc, whatever). It is a nice sized gym. When I'm there with my trainer, we normally stay in the women's area, probably because he thinks that I would be uncomfortable in the co-ed area, and he is a little right. We had to go into the main area for a bit this week because there is a machine that he wants me to use that is not in the women's area, so we ventured out to where the smelly men play (no offence guys). My work-out with Nathan takes about 45 minutes to an hour, for the full run down, check it out here, but in this 45 minutes I realized that fat people, like myself, do not exist. So then I wondered if they all just came out late at night, after all the gym is open until 11pm Monday through Thursday so last night when I went back to do my interval cardio work-out, I went there at 9pm, thinking that my kind would show up when the gym was less populated. No dice. What going on? Do they keep all the fatties in some dark back room, strapped to treadmills with saltines? Should I be insulted that I have to work-out with all the skinny's whose asses don't flop around when they run or flattered that no one told me about it? Either way, women weighing more than 150 lbs don't exist at my gym!

I don't mean to imply that skinny people are bitches because that is not (always) the case, but I'm allowed to be jealous! Until I'm skinny, I'm going to be looking out for more girls my size to work-out beside.

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