Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm cheating on my gym!!

I feel pretty guilty for submitting my phone number for a free week at Fitness World, seeing as I already work for a ladies' gym, but what is done is done now, and I go in for a consultation on Tuesday. I noted in the comment box of the submission that I currently belong to a gym, but I'm looking for a more intense work-out. I love Curves, don't get me wrong. It works for a lot of people and I've seen it work for me, but I think to get the results that I want, I need a bit more strength training than resistance training. I could go to the local rec centre that isn't too far away from my house and I could use the pool and the stream rooms as well, but it's a $5 drop-in or $50ish a month and the fitness centre has about 5 treadmills, 3 elipticals a couple stationary bikes and a lot of equipment that I don't even know how to use.

Saturday when I was on shift at Curves this guy from Fitness World called me and asked when I wanted to come in and start my free week with them. He sounds super cute actually. He has an Australian accent and his name is Vin (or Vince, I'm not sure) but I'll let you guys know when I actually see him! Anyways, I set up an appointment with him for Tuesday at 7pm and he said on the phone something to the extent of "So, I read that you're looking for a more intense work-out" and I thought, oh my goodness, he probably thinks that I'm already in shape and that I need a kick to make myself even more toned, not that I have about 100lbs that I want to get rid of! I'm going in and I hope that I make it through the first consultation!

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