Monday, March 29, 2010

Running in the Rain

Sunday I woke up to torrential rain. Buckets and buckets pouring down on us poor Vancouverites. I would have been perfectly indifferent to the rain had I not had to wake up early and go running in it for the 5k Run for Life benefitting the Canadian Cancer Society. So 7:30am rolled around and I pushed myself out of bed to strap on my running shoes and take a stroll. My goal for the event was to finish in 45-50 minutes, and I finished in 50:05 minutes! I'm happy with that, not that it was a race, but I finished in 107th place out of 120 people, my dad finished 108th, and I'm super proud of him. We stuck together for most of the race, I did run ahead of him for a while and I ran the final stretch. I think that that is the furthest he's walked in a long time. He and my mom are getting ready to do the Vancouver Sun Run in May and that is a 10k run/walk,and while my mom is running it, I'm thinking that I'm going to walk it with my dad.

As it was a fundraiser, and not a serious race, there were door prizes at the end of the run. And I won one. I won a gift basket filled with candies and coke!! There was a pack of Skittles, two packs of Twizzlers, chocolate covered bisquits, and two bottles of coke, but there was also season 2 of The Tudors, and what appears to be an action movie called JCVD: Jean-Claude Van Damme. All I could do was laugh when I picked it up, and I did take it home, but I pawned the candy off on my brother.

I bought myself a new pair of runners on Sunday as well. Good, sturdy, proper running shoes. They are much more comfortable than the cheap-o runners that I was using before, so I'm anticipating fewer blisters on my feet after this!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Skinny Bitch Gym

My original plan for this post was to complain about how tired and sore I am, but the more I dwell on that, the worse it will get! So instead of that, I'll tell you all a bit about my new gym, Steve Nash Fitness World, or as I will otherwise call it "Skinny Bitch Gym" (SBG).

There are a few sections to the gym, there is the cardio area with a baj-illion treadmills, bikes, and elipticals. There is a women's only section that has a few pieces of cardio, a weight rack, and cable equipment. In the back of the cardio area there is another section that mainly has weight equipment (where all the manly men ahng out) and behind the women's area there is a room where they do special classes (yoga, ab attack, karate, etc, whatever). It is a nice sized gym. When I'm there with my trainer, we normally stay in the women's area, probably because he thinks that I would be uncomfortable in the co-ed area, and he is a little right. We had to go into the main area for a bit this week because there is a machine that he wants me to use that is not in the women's area, so we ventured out to where the smelly men play (no offence guys). My work-out with Nathan takes about 45 minutes to an hour, for the full run down, check it out here, but in this 45 minutes I realized that fat people, like myself, do not exist. So then I wondered if they all just came out late at night, after all the gym is open until 11pm Monday through Thursday so last night when I went back to do my interval cardio work-out, I went there at 9pm, thinking that my kind would show up when the gym was less populated. No dice. What going on? Do they keep all the fatties in some dark back room, strapped to treadmills with saltines? Should I be insulted that I have to work-out with all the skinny's whose asses don't flop around when they run or flattered that no one told me about it? Either way, women weighing more than 150 lbs don't exist at my gym!

I don't mean to imply that skinny people are bitches because that is not (always) the case, but I'm allowed to be jealous! Until I'm skinny, I'm going to be looking out for more girls my size to work-out beside.

My work-out with Nathan

So a few people had asked me what kind of a work-out program that I am on, so I thought that I would take the time to fill you in and tell you all how its done. It normally takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

Warm up: 10 minutes low cardio
  • Chest Fly on Ball (2 sets, 15 reps) (do one set chest fly, one set one arm row then repeat)
  • One Arm Dumbell Row (2 sets, 15 reps) (do one set chest fly, one set one arm row then repeat)
30 seconds of knee lifts
30 seconds of knee lifts
  • Lateral Raises (2 sets, 15 reps) (do one set lateral raises, one set pull downs then repeat)
  • Lat Pull-downs (2 sets, 15 reps) (do one set lateral raises, one set pull downs then repeat)
30 seconds of knee lifts
  • Cable, Inner Thigh Pulls (2 sets, 15 reps) (do one set inner thigh, one set outer thigh then repeat)
  • Cable, outer thigh* (2 sets, 15 reps) (do one set inner thigh, one set outer thigh then repeat)
30 seconds of knee lifts
  • Plank (20 secs) (do 20 secs plank, one set back raise, then repeat)
  • Back raise** (2 sets, 15 reps) (do 20 secs plank, one set back raise, then repeat)

30-60 minutes of low cardio (heart rate at 130-140 bpm)

*I couldn't find a good example of it on the web, but it is the same as the inner thigh pulls, the only difference is that instead of having resistance as you are pull the weight to your body, the resistance should come as you pull the weight away from your body. Use the same machine.

** Lay on your stomach with your hands at your side and raise your chest and legs up off the ground by using your back muscles.

So that is it! In two weeks it will be updated and I'll let you all know :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meal Plan, Day 1

I finally got my meal plan last night when I saw my personal trainer. I feel like saying "I think I can, I think I can..." No, the meal plan is not bad, in fact it is very doable. But there is a lot of food and I understand why. I'm going to be exercising a lot and in order to keep my metabolism going, I need to eat more food. Here is my meal plan for the day:

  • Protein Powder, 21g
  • 1% Milk, 1 cup
  • 12 Cashews
  • 1 Banana
  • Salmon, 6 oz
  • 1 1/3 tsp Olive oil
  • 1 Garden salad (2 cup lettuce, 1/2 large tomato, 1/2 cup cucumber)
  • 1 Banana
  • Roast beef, 2 oz
  • 1 Pear
  • 6 Almonds
  • Pork, lean, 5 oz
  • 1 cup Mushrooms
  • 1 cup Carrots
  • 2/3 cup Baked potato
  • 1 2/3 tsp olive oil
After dinner snack:
  • 1 1/2 cup Plain yogurt
  • 9 Cashews
Everything is evenly matched with 18 "mini-units" of fat, carbs, and protein. A "mini-unit" of fat equals 1.5g, carbs equal 9g and protein equals 7g. There is also a list of substitutions so if after dinner I don't feel like have 9 cashews, I can change it to something that is also equivalent to 3 mini-units of fat, and it tells me what kind of fats are better than others.

Today is the first day of my plan so I'm still working out the kinks. This morning I forgot my lunch in the fridge so after I had walked to my bus stop, about 10 mins away, I had to choose between catching my bus and having my lunch. I turned around and walked home and got my brother to drive to the skytrain station. Now that I'm at class, I realized that I forgot a fork to eat my salad with and I didn't have time before class started to go and grab a fork from the cafe. Soooo, I'm eating my salad and salmon with my fingers!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Measurements

These are measurements from March 16, I finally found the paper again so that I can post them, AND they have my starting measurements from January 26 as well! Two birds with one stone, as it were. Here we go...

January 2010:
Weight: 238.0 lbs
Bust: 45.5 in
Waist: 40.25 in
Abdomen: 50.0 in
Hips: 53.0 in
Body Fat: 44.0%

March 2010:

Weight: 231.5 lbs (-6.5)
Bust: 44.5 in (-1)
Waist: 39.0 in (-1.25)
Abdomen: 48.75 in (-1.25)
Hips: 52.25 in (-0.75)
Body Fat: 44.8%

On a side note as well, tonight I am going to Fitness World to sign up as well, it only makes sense to work out in the same gym that my trainer actually works at.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Time to Confess...

Monday morning was a total shock to me today, I just refused to believe that the weekend was over. I think in part it was because I spent all of Sunday in bed. I went out on Saturday night and had a few drinks (four Bacardi Breezers and a lot, a LOT of Grey Goose vodka) and woke up with the worst hang over I've had in about a year. The head pounding, feel like I want to puke my guts out kind of hang over.

Saturday was a great night. It's been so long since I've been out with my friends having a good time I let go a little too much. There was about 8 of us over at a friend's house and we drank and watched some movies and played poker later on. I finally went to bed around 6am. It really was a good night but I didn't realize until the morning how much I really had to drink. Oh yeah, and there was pizza too. Knowing that we were going to be ordering pizza, I brought some greek salad with me so that I would actually ingest a few vegetables, so I suppose that that could have been worse.

When we had all woken up, we went out to Rikki's for breakfast, needless to say, no one wanted to cook that morning. I had a vegetarian egg-white omlette with hashbrowns and toast. Again, not too bad. I finally got home around 2pm and I just crashed into bed...that is until Bailey sent me a text and wanted to go to Curves with me. It was Sunday, and the club was closed so I had to go and let her in. While she was working out, I layed down on the floor on one of the stretching mats! The really bad part of my Sunday was when I went to McDonals to kill the hang over. McChicken and fries. I still feel clogged but the hang over was finally gone when I woke up Monday morning. I don't know how much 6 hours of drinking was worth, in comparison to a 24 hour hang-over.

So here is my plan for this week:
  • Start on my English 222 paper
  • Do my 3 days of cardio (1 hour+ each)
  • Do my 3 days of weights
  • DRINK MORE WATER (I haven't been drinking as much water as I should have been, I was good for a while and then it kind of dropped off)
Oh, and if you're still reading this, I started a twitter account, SarinaJ238. Once I figure out how to use it, I'll be tweeting what I'm eating to try and stay accountable. There is a button on the right column of my blog to follow me, hopefully it works. You can tweet any questions or comments to have to me there as well and I'll respond back to you.

Hope everyone has a good week in store from them, and you all meet or exceed your weekly goals!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time to put a Spring in your step

It is officially Spring today and in honor of new changes, I want to send out a congratulations to a certain blogger for losing over 100lbs!

266: The highest number I ever saw staring back at me from the scale.


I felt that my blog needed a bit of a face lift, so in changing the background, I also decided that "A Day in the Life of____: A Weight Loss Journey" was going to become "[238] and Shrinking". However, I'm still not 100% sold on this new background, it will likely change a few times during the next week or so.

School is starting to wrap up so I'm getting even more busy than I already was with finals and papers coming up within the next month and half. I'll be so happy when I'm done with it. Next year I'm taking a year off school to work and volunteer in an elementary school (from school to another school!) and work with a lady that I know through Curves (she is one of my clients). She teaches grade 3 in Vancouver and her teacher's aide that she has right now is going to Simon Fraser University to do her master's degree, so I'll take her spot one or two days a week to try my hand at teaching. I'm thinking that that is the area that I want to go into, so before I totally direct my studies toward it, I'd better try it out first.

I saw my trainer Wednesday night and he said that he wants me to do weights 3 times a week with 30 mins of cardio, and an hour of cardio 3 times a week, on the days that I'm not doing weights, so all in all, I get one day off a week. I'm good with that, I want results and I'm seeing results so that makes me very happy. The meal plan that I customized for me isn't printed yet and I hope that I'll get that next week. I had to go through this big list of foods and pick out 15 proteins, 20 carbs and a few other things and from what I picked, it makes a meal plan for me to follow, and I find that I'm actually looking forward to that as well!

How is everyone else doing? Are you meeting your goal? Are you falling short of what you wanted to accomplish? Don't give up and keep fighting the good fight. Good luck to all of you this week, take on a challenge and you just may be surprised that you can complete it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Biting the bullet...

I did it. I signed my life away and bought myself a personal trainer. I shouldn't say it like that, because he is a person and not a thing, but he did cost me a pretty penny. With his one-on-one attention I also get a personalized meal plan that I help design so we shall see how that goes.

I really want to work hard at this because my parents did help me pay for a lot of the cost and I really don't want to let them down. Even though I won't actually get my meal plan until next week, I've been really careful with what I have been eating and I'm down to 226 lbs on the scale in the bathroom, which I think is a little light, but after seeing it sit at 228 and 228.5 for a week or two, I'm glad that it's down now.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Personally Whipped!

I had my first session with a personal trainer last night at Fitness World and it was fantastic!! There was guy that was trying his darnest to sell me a membership when I first went in for my free week trial (I stood firm that I was not going to pay any money until I had my trial, and I didn't have any money to give him anyways!) and he signed me up with a free training session with this guy named Nathan. I worked out with him for about 20 minutes and we didn't even do a full workout and I was sweating like crazy just using the free weights (which were 7.5 lbs each!). I had such a fantastic work out and then came the money part. Each session is $50, and they sell them in packages or 24, 48, and 72 sessions at one session a week. It's really tempting and I really want to do it, and not only is Nathan very cute, he used to weight 270 lbs at his heaviest and now weighs 195 lbs so he understands the whole weight loss thing. I'm trying very hard to get my parents to help me out with this, because I only make about $300/month and then I have a cell phone bill to pay as well...

I will keep you guys posted! I'm going back to see him on Saturday to talk about this a bit more.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm cheating on my gym!!

I feel pretty guilty for submitting my phone number for a free week at Fitness World, seeing as I already work for a ladies' gym, but what is done is done now, and I go in for a consultation on Tuesday. I noted in the comment box of the submission that I currently belong to a gym, but I'm looking for a more intense work-out. I love Curves, don't get me wrong. It works for a lot of people and I've seen it work for me, but I think to get the results that I want, I need a bit more strength training than resistance training. I could go to the local rec centre that isn't too far away from my house and I could use the pool and the stream rooms as well, but it's a $5 drop-in or $50ish a month and the fitness centre has about 5 treadmills, 3 elipticals a couple stationary bikes and a lot of equipment that I don't even know how to use.

Saturday when I was on shift at Curves this guy from Fitness World called me and asked when I wanted to come in and start my free week with them. He sounds super cute actually. He has an Australian accent and his name is Vin (or Vince, I'm not sure) but I'll let you guys know when I actually see him! Anyways, I set up an appointment with him for Tuesday at 7pm and he said on the phone something to the extent of "So, I read that you're looking for a more intense work-out" and I thought, oh my goodness, he probably thinks that I'm already in shape and that I need a kick to make myself even more toned, not that I have about 100lbs that I want to get rid of! I'm going in and I hope that I make it through the first consultation!

When reality hits, hit back!

Okay, so I have developed an addiction to TLC. While watching "What Not to Wear" the other day, I realized that I had developed a lot of the same habits as the girl they were analyzing on the show. Soooooo not a good thing. The issue that has developed is that I am always wearing yoga/exercise pants like the girl on the show. They are just so gosh darn comfortable! I do own other pants; I have a few pairs of jeans which I bought in September before school started again, a pair of olive khakis (they look better than that description sounds lol), a pair of dress pants that escaped to my boyfriends house (I have no idea how they got there...) and a few other pants that are not of the spandex variety.

So one night I was out of exercise pants, they were all in the laundry, and I was going to Wal-Mart so I was planning on putting one of my pairs of jeans on, no big deal, and then I can head out. Guess what happened next? I would love to tell you all that I buttoned them up and found I could shimmy out of them, but... I was devestated. I could get them done up but they were tight, and by tight I mean that I had to lay back on my bed and use all the strength I had to get them buttoned. Standing up I looked in the mirror (BIG mistake) and I had the biggest muffin top known to womankind. I was so crushed I didn't know what to do. My boyfriend was watching the show and laughed to himself about the cliche of women changing their clothing four or five times before going out but because I felt like worst kind of excrement I got really upset with him for laughing at me (which I shouldn't have done). I bought these jeans not too too long ago at Old Navy and they are a size 18.

All of this made me realize that I really need to get my eating in check. I can work-out to the point of collapse but if I come home and eat all the calories back, I'm not really in a better place than I was. I feel so disappointed in myself because I had lost weight and then I got lazy and I gained it back, along with a few of its new friends. According to my scale at work, I weigh 237.5lbs but at home I weigh 228.5lbs (as of yesterday) so that is the most I have known myself to weigh.

What else can I do but fight back now? Me and a girlfriend went out shopping yesterday and I bought a new pair of jeans, that fit. They are a size 23, but now that I've been wearing them around campus today, I've learned that I probably could have gotten away with a 21, but I haven't washed them yet so they just might shrink a little. I'm still upset with myself, but at least I'm not that girl that lives in yoga pants and now I have something that is comfortable for me to wear and gives me feedback as to whether or not I have lost weight.