Monday, December 7, 2009

Thank you, Woman of a Certain Age :)

Midly frustrated. After I posted a blog entry about overeating, I got this response:

"Woman of a Certain Age said...

I'm not a medical practitioner, but I'm in recovery for an eating disorder, and in reading your blog it seems that you may benefit from talking to a specialist in eating disorders. What if you looked at it as not "looking for an excuse" but as an opportunity to get to the root cause of what you're ACTUALLY overeating about?

In my treatment program, we try to separate ourselves from our eating disorder, but the point of doing that is to heal. It's not to remove our own culpability. It's to help us differentiate between our healthy selves--the one that wants us to eat tasty, healthful food--and our eating disorder, which wants us to overeat to numb out pain, or undereat to do exactly the same thing.

I wish you luck! If you're interested you can follow my recovery on my blog:

By no means was I frustrated by the comment, I was actually interested because she might be on to something. The frustration stems from the results of my Google search. I searched "eating disorders vancouver" and found one of the biggest eating disorder clinics in Vancouver, Looking Glass BC. The problem is that Looking Glass BC deals largly with men and women that undereat and has less to do with people with binge eating disorder or an overeating problem. Sure, there are referrals of doctors, nutritionists and psychologists who do deal with the latter problems, however they all charge upwards of $100/hour for their services. I will continue looking! There has to be something out there, and I'm writing emails to professionals for a little guidance as well :)


  1. I've noticed that there are Overeaters Anonymous meetings in my city. Are there any in yours? I wonder if you contacted the people who run these meetings if they would have the information you're looking for. The meetings could even be helpful, and they are free. I have considered going to them myself.

  2. It's definetly something to look into! Thanks Elaine :)


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