Thursday, December 3, 2009

So, how's the diet going?

Today, I feel alright. This morning, I ate a Tim Horton's Bacon Breackfast Sandwhich on an Everything Bagel...I KNOW, I KNOW!! Not a very nurtient dense breakfast (oh yeah, and this was on the side of a medium Steeped Tea with 2 milk and 2 sugar, at least is was a medium!). I love my Timmy Ho's in the morning but I feel guilty for the rest of the day. Right now, I'm sitting in my final anthropology class of the year, and I'm busy blogging about what I have done with my day thus far. I'm really hungry because I forgot to pack a lunch again. Today is not one of my best days. I can't wait until tomorrow at noon.  I will be ALL DONE for the Fall semester and then I can really hit the gym! I'm excited, but what also happens in the holidays...

Oh, the holidays. Stuffing and sugar cookies and carbs, oh my! I'm not counting carbs because I don't understand them. I know the difference between good carbs and bad carbs (fruits and whole grains vs. refined anything!) but it's a better system for me to focus on my points and getting enough exercise. I'm following weight watchers again, and I have 30 points alloted to myself.

8am Tim Horton's Breakfast                      -9 points                  21pts
       Med. Tea (2 milk, 2 sugar)                 -2 points                  19 pts
1pm Golden Oreo Thinsations (100cal)     -2 points                 17 pts

....And that's all I've had today. I've feeling pretty hungry so I might stop and pick up some food at the Student Union Building before I leave campus for the day and pick up some Subway! YAY! 6 inch Veggie Delight, with mustard, no cheese on 9 grain honey oat bread...3pts :) That is the joy that (most) vegetables are free points. All I really have to count is the bread.

Tonight, after I finally get home from campus (a feat that will take me 1.5 hours!) I'm going to do Tai Chi with my Daddy. I'm really glad that we get to do this together. It's something active that we can both do. He does Tai Chi because it keeps his joints loose, and I make him go. I go because it's a good stretch for my muscles, and he makes me go.

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