Tuesday, December 8, 2009

She shoots, she scores! It's a goal!

Time to set some goals! From what I read, goals are important in weight loss so here we go.

I want to lose at least one pound per week, no more than two. If I lose two pounds per week, by the end of March, I could be below 200 pounds, which is kind of exciting. I don't think that it will happen that way, just because I think that it will be difficult to maintain a loss of 2lbs/week. So my mini-goal is to lose

5 lbs/month and 20 lbs by March 31st 2010!

I think that is a good goal. Of course, I wouldn't mind if it happened faster too! LOL. Other goals that I have are to go to Curves at least 5 times/week and go to the community weight room and pool 3 times/week. If I go to Curves and the gym at least 5 and 3 times per week respectively, at the end of the month, I will reward myself with a professional manicure. If I meet my goal of losing 20 lbs by March 31st, I will get the new tattoo that I want to get (a pair of angel wings on my wrist with some script saying "Did you Live and Did you Love?" or "Freedom, Beauty, Truth, Love").

So far, I'm not really thinking about long term goals. I want to get down to 135 lbs so my BMI would be about 23, which is in the "healthy" range of 20-25, even if BMI is kind of outdated. According to the BMI scale, Arnold would be obese. I'm traking my weight loss on the ticker on the side of the page, so take a look at it from time to time :)

Yesterday, I bought Vitamin B6/B12 with Folic Acid by Webber Naturals. The bottle says "Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Helps to form red blood cells". So overall, it sounds like a good thing. The Curves Vanilla Protein Powder that I drink before or after my workouts has B6 and B12 in it as well, so I'm going to look and see if there is a maximum recommended dosage, so I don't take too much. It is supposed to help with weight loss, so what is the harm? According to the Dr. Berstein diet (see the review here), the "secret" to that diet (I really hate that word diet) is the B6/B12 injections. Because I am not interested in injections, I decided to try the vitamin supplements. I just Googled it and haven't seen too many severe syptoms.

My plan for the day is to go to Curves with Bailey at noon  so I better get ready!

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