Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The First Turkey Dinner... dun dun DUN!!!

Ok, so Sunday night was the first holiday dinner of the season for me. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots, brocolli and fresh homemade buns. Oh yes, comfort food times ten! All the things that I love pushed together in a warm kitchen and presented buffet style.

I thought about my plan of attack. Start with the vegetables. Thankfully, they were steamed without any butter on them, so I filled up my plate with veggies first. Alrighty, I thought, stove top stuffing...preservatives, butter, sodium...marvelous. A little bit of stuffing, it is my weakness. Next stop on the buffet was the turkey. Oooh, turkey. White meat, dark meat? The choices. I really have to send my appreciation to the cook as the turkey was beautifully moist and flavourful. On the flip side, that made the possibility of second helpings that much more alluring... So I grabbed me a few pieces of dark meat (check out here and here for more info on dark meat). It was amazing, and I sustained myself without going overboard! Hoorah!

Then somewhere in the back of my mind, an alarm went off. "Now just wait one second here, missy," it rang. "You're forgetting one very important part of this here meal." And what had I forgotton? Oh, yeah. Dessert. One little, unimposing, 7 letter word. Dessert. Pumpkin pie, a tuxedo cake (with REAL whipping cream) AND a caramel apple crumble. Just when I thought that I was out of the woods, fate decided that it was not yet finished tempting me. Add cookies and rolls to the mix and I could already feel myself bloating. Ooooooh, sugar and dough and butter, oh my! I compromised. Sure, I could have done this a bit better, but it's done now. I had the smallest bit of each that I could manage. Pumkin pie, tuxedo cake and the caramel thingy. Unfortunately, the caramel crumble was very dry, the tuxedo cake was very rich, but the pumpkin pie was great. In hindsight, I should have stuck with my instincts and gone with only the pumpkin pie, but we all learn.

Second dinner is coming up on Sunday and then again on Christmas day. How are you guys coping with the holidays? I really appreciated your comments to my last post and I'm glad that some of you may find it helpful!


  1. Christmas dinner will be a challenge for sure. There's always so much food, and it's all so good! I think I will take lots of veggies, because they are full of fiber and filling. I'll take small portions of the rest. I haven't thought about what I'll do about dessert yet. Hopefully I'll be too full to have any when the time comes around. :) There is also always lots of snacks before dinner, so I will be getting fruit and veggie trays to snack on and stay away from the other stuff.

    Another challenge I'll have is leftovers. Christmas takes place at my house, and the leftovers tend to be left with me. This year I will force my brothers and my dad to take the leftovers with them. It's far too much for me and my daughter to try to eat on our own, especially while trying to lose weight.

  2. That's a good plan, sending leftover to your family's houses. I LOVE leftover stuffing of the homemade variety. Stick it in the microwave which some salt on top....yummy!! But not this year. This year we have to be good.


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